Our Story



In 2011, our founder Chris Montelius was working hard to bring craft beer to bars and restaurants throughout South Florida. He enjoyed meeting new people at his accounts, sharing beers with them, and educating them about the different types of beers and their unique flavors. But, as you know, drinking beer all day, while fun and has its place, can also have a negative impact on your work and your health. It was also around this time that Chris was living in South Beach and would frequent the local Whole Foods before heading out on his route for a snack and a to-go beverage. It was at this Whole Foods that he discovered his very first kombucha. 

a beverage produced by fermenting sweet tea with a culture of yeast and bacteria.

Chris, a lover of sour beers, was immediately hooked. This vinegary, sour beverage was the perfect replacement for soda, and the carbonation almost made him feel like he was enjoying a beer instead of what he was having… a health drink. 

But, the flavors and brands available were limited, so Chris set out to learn how to make kombucha himself. 

In 2012, Chris and his family had moved to Boynton Beach, looking for space and more affordable living. It was in the new home that he was able to spread out his fermenters, experiment with flavor profiles and start to understand how this funky beverage is made. He was hooked. 

Chris' homebrew kombucha circa 2012-2013

Chris' homebrew kombucha circa 2012-2013


Sometime in 2013, Chris started to bring his kombucha with him to events and festivals, encouraging his brewer friends to try it and provide feedback. He took notes and worked to alter the flavors and process until he felt confident that the kombucha he was producing had the right balance of flavor and carbonation.

In 2014, Non-Prophet Brewing Co. was officially established.

The first flavors were simple, traditional flavors that included a little sweet and a little kick of spice, such as mango and ginger. We started small, brewing kombucha for a few vegan restaurants and eventually, a couple of local bars, but kombucha was still new to the South Florida market. 

In 2015, everything changed. Interest in our product started to pick up. Bars and breweries were reaching out, looking for an alternative to alcohol-free beers or sodas for people who didn’t want to drink. We started adding new flavors such as blueberry & mint, passionfruit, and ginger, and eventually dry hopped, our bitter flagship that is the perfect replacement for an afternoon IPA craving. 

Over the next few years, this tiny little brewery moved into a large facility in Boynton Beach near craft beer breweries, Copperpoint and Nobo and added three employees. We also added Ginger Beer to our product suite and began offering our products in bottles as well. 

In 2018, Non-Prophet Brewing signed distribution agreements that would bring Non-Prophet Brewing products to the entire state of Florida.

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